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How to Paint Tree Bark

Furniture, Paint Tree Bark Wall Art: How to Paint Tree Bark
Furniture, Bark Texture For Trees: How to Paint Tree Bark
Furniture, How To Paint Tree Bark Acrylic: How to Paint Tree Bark
Furniture, Bark Painting For Wall Art: How to Paint Tree Bark
Furniture, Make Painting Tree Bark: How to Paint Tree Bark
andy, March 13th, 2016. Furniture, How to Paint Tree Bark. Art does not exist limitations , wherever and like any art still has a plus for devotees . Arts have their own ways , one of which is painting . In creating a work of art can be made ​​with a variety of media and one of them is the art of bark. Many people who are new and yet so familiar with bark paintings , especially those who are not enthusiasts of art . Painting does not have to always be on top of the canvas . You can also do it in the bark, do not believe ? There are some countries that have created a work of art on a leather painting . To make a wooden painting was not easy . It takes quite a lot of material , complete with a fairly elaborate preparation . For ingredients , skin type of wood used is also not arbitrary or wood was ordinary but using wood from trees khombouw .If you want to try to make this craft , you will first need to find a khombouw tree trunk diameter not less than 15 cm . Then the trees are cut to be skinned . Scraped off the outer skin , and then pounded on a rock by using an iron . After pounded process , the skin can be washed and cleaned . The next step is to dry the skin by drying . Recently , after the bark dries , the craftsmen began using chalk paint and dye concoction of leaves and sap . Usually craftsmen using white chalk as a dye , to dye red charcoal , and brick red to red. While the motifny own , depending on your interests and desires . For a work of art is limitless . Thank to visit crypto-news.com. Read also Backyard Oasis Ideas.

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