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Sidechains And Lightning, The New New Bitcoin

In case you've been living in a Faraday cage: a blockchain is a distributed peer-to-peer ledger…
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How bitcoin could make back-office banking more rock 'n' roll

Just as the DJ and electronic music pioneer stands before a crowd effortlessly manipulating gigabytes of…
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Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (BTCS) and Spondoolies-Tech Move Forward with Merger

Spondoolies launched just a year ago, but it took the mining world by shock with its…
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Blockstream Creates 'Confidential Transactions' to Boost Bitcoin Security

Many have tried to improve on Bitcoin transactional security, with Darkcoin/Dash being the most notable example…
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How Silicon Valley and Wall Street arrived at a new gold rush called Bitcoin

Wences, a 41-year-old entrepreneur, now runs a venture-backed Bitcoin wallet startup called Xapo that "combines the…
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Bitcoin Price Declines Below Critical Support

Before buying NMC it would be best to wait and see what the Bitcoin chart does…
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Max Keiser's Investment fund Bitcoin Capital Raises Over $1 Million Through

The fund, open to qualified investors who want to speculate on the growth of the cryptocurrency…
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Interview: Running a Bitcoin transfer business in Kenya

So there are many ways we can use the Bitcoin technology to transform how different sectors…
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Bitcoin Exchange MonetaGo Launches in 40 Countries

Much like Bitreserve, MonetaGo offers users the ability to 'fix' their bitcoin value to any of…
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KnCMiner Deploys Next-Generation 16nm Bitcoin ASIC

Swedish mining hardware firm KnCMiner is deploying a new bitcoin ASIC it says will be a…
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